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  • The DEEP project follows a true Co-Design approach that reaches from hardware to middleware/systemware to tools to applications.
  • Within the project a prototype for a heterogeneous hardware platform is developed consisting of a Cluster element based on multi-core-chips, a Booster element based on many-core technology and a commensurate connectivity.
  • The team develops a reliable, open source operating system, interconnect and runtime software stack with high resilience while exploiting millions of cores.
  • To achieve high productivity and unprecedented scalability programming models, scientific libraries and performance tools for standard x86-based many-core processors are developed.
  • Current cluster energy efficiency is improved by an order of magnitude exploiting novel many-core chip technologies and advanced software-aided cooling technologies.
  • Six scientific applications have been carefully chosen to validate the Cluster-Booster concept. They are representative for future Exascale computing and data handling requirements.