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05 Nov. 2015DEEP Project Unveils Next-Generation HPC Platform
03 August 2015DEEP moves towards Exascale at ISC’15
insideHPC, with video
22 July 2015EXTOLL introduces the HPC network chip TOURMALET™
innovations report
22 July 2015EXTOLL introduces the HPC network chip TOURMALET™
idw - Informationsdienst Wissenschaft
21 July 2015EXTOLL Rolls Out TOURMALET Network Chip at ISC 2015
18 July 2015Stromverbrauch würde eine Milliarde kosten (in German)
17 July 2015Booster System Installed at Jülich, Completes DEEP Supercomputer
Scientific Computing
16 July 2015Software softens energy demands
Scientific Computing World
16 July 2015Eurotech Delivers Booster to DEEP Project
isgtw - international science grid of the week
16 July 2015Eurotech Delivers “Booster” System to Jülich to Complete DEEP Supercomputer
16 July 2015Eurotech Delivers Booster to DEEP Project
14 July 2015Eurotech delivers the “Booster” system to Jülich to complete the DEEP supercomputer
idw - Informationsdienst Wissenschaft
18 June 2015ISC High Performance Preview
Scientific Computing World
12 June 2015Will Europe be First to Exascale?
insideHPC, 12 June 2015
11 June 2015Exascale project DEEP/-ER at ISC15 in Frankfurt
Primeur, 11 June 2015
9 June 2015Will a European company build Europe’s first Exascale computer?
Scientific Computing World
5 Apr. 2015Europe’s Exascale on Display in May
1 Apr. 2015Europe’s Exascale on Display in May
Scientific Computing World
25 Feb. 2015Working to make exascale supercomputing a reality
13 Feb. 2015Weekly Twitter Roundup
5 Feb. 2015Weekly Twitter Roundup
22 Jan. 2015Weekly Twitter Roundup
11 Sept. 2014Interview: Behind the Scenes of the DEEP Project
insideHPC, Interview with Estela Suarez
Aug./Sept. 2014Challenging, exciting, promising times
Scientific Computing World, August/September 2014
25 July 2014New Approaches to Energy Efficient Exascale
insideHPC, 25 July 2014
24 July 2014Architectural approaches to energy efficient exascale
Scientific Computing World, 24 July 2014
22 July 2014  Extreme Computing - Enabling Exascale (PDF, 908 kB)
International Innovation, Issue 146, Inside & Out, Page: 98/99, pdf-file Courtesy of International Innovation
14 July 2014Six European exascale projects are dealing with the hardware and software challenges in exascale
Primeur Magazine Weekly, 14 July 2014
07 July 2014Manufacturing Exascale
HPCwire, 7 July 2014
01 July 2014Video: DEEP and DEEP-ER Project Updates at ISC'14
insideHPC, 1 July 2014
30 June 2014DEEP and DEEP-ER Project Updates at ISC'14
RichReport - insideHPC, 30 June 2014
30 June 2014Applications for the DEEP and DEEP-ER Projects
RichReport - insideHPC, 30 June 2014
27 June 2014Eurotech is building energy-aware HPC systems monitored by the DEEP project
Primeur, 27 June 2014
03 June 2014Seismic Imaging at the DEEP End
HPCwire, by Tiffany Trader, 3 June 2014
05 May 2014Interview: EXTOLL Talks Mountain Climbing, Interconnects, and ISC’14
insideHPC, 5 May 2014
06 Oct. 2013Radio interview: Schneller, lauter, heißer. Exascale - Die nächste Generation von Supercomputern
by M. Schönherr for Deutschlandfunk with Estela Suarez and Ulrich Brüning
23 June 2013Video: Space Weather Simulation on Intel Xeon Phi
insideHPC: In this video from ISC’13, Hans-Christian Hoppe from Intel describes a space weather simulation powered by Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.
19 June 2013Revisiting Amdahl's Law
Slashdot, June 2013
18 June 2013DEEP project aims to build and monitor exascale architecture
Primeur, 18 June 2013
19 March 2013The DEEP Project: Developing a Novel, Exascale-enabling Supercomputing Platform
insideHPC: In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Norbert Eicker from Jülich Supercomputing Centre presents: The DEEP Project.
Oct. 2012Featured Project: DEEP - Boosting computing towards Exascale
PRACE NEWSletter Volume 9, October 2012, p. 5
Sep. 2012A Shining Star Lights Up the Road to Exascale
The Exascale Report, September 2012
13 Sept. 2012Jülich Supercomputing Center Completes Hot Water Cooling Install
HPC Wire, 05 April 2012
05 Apr. 2012Eurotech to Supply HPC System for Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform Project
HPC Wire, 05 April 2012
Feb. 2012Start des europäischen Exascale-Projekts DEEP (in German)
Info-Brief der Gauss-Allianz, Nr. 5, Februar 2012
Dec. 2011Exascale Project DEEP Started
JSC News No. 200, December 2011
Nov. 2011Jülich und Intel starten Exascale-Projekt, 15 November 2011
Nov. 2011Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform: the DEEP Project
inSiDE Vol. 9 No.2, Autumn 2011, pp. 50-51
Oct. 2011A Thousand Times Faster with Booster
EXASCALE - Newsletter of Forschungszentrum Jülich on Supercomputing, no. 03/2011, p. 3
Oct. 2011Tausendmal schneller mit neuem Booster (in German)
EXASCALE - Newsletter des Forschungszentrums Jülich zum Supercomputing, Nr. 03/2011, p. 3