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Axel Auweter
Compute more – Consume less
Axel Auweter, team lead energy efficiency in the DEEP project, talks about how important his field of research is on the way to build an exascale-ready supercomputing system; he explains why it is not only about power-saving hardware and performance optimisation but a great deal about monitoring and why he transformed from a computer scientist into a plumber throughout the project.
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Energy efficiency at exascale

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest challenges on the way to build an exascale-ready supercomputer. Read more on the comprehensive research approach the DEEP project takes in this. More: Energy efficiency at exascale …

DEEP software architecture

Software architecture

Managing heterogeneous systems is often considered cumbersome. Our dedicated DEEP software architecture makes porting applications to the DEEP system a snap. More: Software architecture …

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DEEP continued: The DEEP-ER project

The EC-funded DEEP-ER project continues the work started in DEEP with a focus on the exascale challenges resiliency and highly scalable I/O. More: DEEP continued: The DEEP-ER project …

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