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Norbert Eicker in interview
Connecting hardware and applications on the way to Exascale
In IT, the software is the ultimate connector between the hardware and the applications. Due to the co-development approach in DEEP, the same applies to us as well, of course. Norbert, team lead system software, and Vicenç, team lead programming environment, let us have a glimpse behind the scenes of the software team. The hard work of their teams enables application developers to actually make use of the innovative DEEP hardware architecture and to benefit from the system as much as possible.
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DEEP coldplate

Energy efficiency at exascale

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest challenges on the way to build an exascale-ready supercomputer. Read more on the comprehensive research approach the DEEP project takes in this. More: Energy efficiency at exascale …

DEEP software architecture

Software architecture

Managing heterogeneous systems is often considered cumbersome. Our dedicated DEEP software architecture makes porting applications to the DEEP system a snap. More: Software architecture …

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DEEP continued: The DEEP-ER project

The EC-funded DEEP-ER project continues the work started in DEEP with a focus on the exascale challenges resiliency and highly scalable I/O. More: DEEP continued: The DEEP-ER project …

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