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Energy Efficiency in DEEP

The computational power of an Exascale machine is roughly equivalent to the power of 10 million state-of-the-art laptop computers. Yet, if we were to assemble the hardware of those laptops into a single system, the power consumption would be in the order of what one large nuclear power plant can produce. Thus, building an Exascale-ready supercomputer means first and foremost addressing the energy efficiency challenge.

The DEEP prototype comes with technologies that not only reduce the system’s energy consumption outright, but also help users optimize and tune their system according to their needs.

Building on the Aurora direct liquid cooling technology from Eurotech, all nodes of DEEP are directly cooled with water, providing a more than 200x improvement in cooling efficiency over comparable air-cooled machines. Through the improved cooling efficiency, the system can be operated year-round without the need of energy-hungry chilling equipment in the data center. While the power supplies in most high-performance computers are optimized for operations under full load, DEEP uses a novel 48V power distribution scheme, running the system at maximum efficiency, even when the it is only partially used.

DEEP coldplateThis cold plate is part of the Eurotech Aurora liquid cooling technology. The cooling liquid is distributed to the different cold plates and utilized to directly cool the components.
Copyright: DEEP Project


On top, the DEEP prototype comes with fine-granular system monitoring providing information at unprecedented accuracy and granularity. To cope with the massive amounts of monitoring data, we develop a custom data acquisition and storage framework building on the latest big-data technologies. Using DEEP’s monitoring system, operators and users alike can relate application activity to energy consumption, helping to guide them on their way in optimizing the energy-to-solution of scientific applications.


Water Cooling Infrastructure for the DEEP Energy Efficiency EvaluatorWater Cooling Infrastructure for the DEEP Energy Efficiency Evaluator
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