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Greetings from the hardware labs

4 March 2014:
Today, we would like to share some exciting new developments with you. At Eurotech’s R&D labs, validation tests on cooling have started and first sampled of the booster interface cards are brought up.

First cooling integration tests were successfully conducted: Figure 1 shows an experimental setup consisting of a standard x86 server capable of booting the prototype of a Booster Node Card (BNC) over an EXTOLL® interconnect. The BNC employs 2 Intel Xeon Phi® processors, both covered by a coldplate responsible for direct-liquid cooling of the prototype board, allowing for free cooling year-round with inlet temperatures of up to 50°C.

Hardware engineers are also recently working on validating the first samples of Booster Interface Cards (BIC), as shown in Figure 2. The BIC consists of an EXTOLL® NIC and an Infiniband HCA adapter and acts as a bridge between the Cluster and the Booster part of the DEEP prototype, allowing for dynamical assignment of computing resources from both types of nodes to a given job.

Finally, joint efforts of DEEP partners from Eurotech and Leibniz Supercomputing Centre resulted in first successful tests of the Board Management Controller firmware, providing efficient power monitoring and reporting functionalities.

Booster Node Card prototype with coldplateBooster Node Card prototype with coldplate


Validation tests conducted on a Booster Interface CardValidation tests conducted on a Booster Interface Card


Greetings from the DEEP hardware bringup team in Amaro, Italy!Greetings from the DEEP hardware bringup team in Amaro, Italy!