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DEEP/-ER at ISC’15 - The European HPC Event this July

With ISC’15 being moved from June to July as conference and exhibition date, a hot HPC summer is waiting for us. Starting on July 12th 2015, this year’s ISC HPC conference will be held in Frankfurt, Germany. The DEEP and DEEP-ER Exascale research projects align well with the official ISC’15 focus topics geared towards diversity: From “Future Design Concepts of HPC Systems” to “Global Exascale Status Report” or European Exascale research efforts and “Highly Scalable Operating Systems”, our two closely related projects have quite something to comment on the topics guiding this year’s conference and exhibition.

DEEP and DEEP-ER Highlights for ISC’15:

  • Workshop, July 16:
    “Is Europe Ready For Exascale? A Summary of Four Years of European Exascale Research”
    In three sessions the to date six European funded Exascale Projects elaborate on results, challenges faced and insights gained, providing nurture for intensive discussions. DEEP and DEEP-ER concentrate on sharing best practices about developing an architecture for the Exascale era. Additional focus is put on the energy efficiency challenge and how it is approached in the project. Furthermore, the speakers will talk about the implications that this has for software and applications towards Exascale as both projects are driven by a strong Co-Design approach. For a detailed overview on the comprehensive programme, please see here:
  • Enabling HPC Applications for Exascale: Eleven real-world HPC applications – both from science and industry – have been involved in the DEEP/-ER projects from the very beginning. The idea: develop HPC systems that fit the needs of the applications and use application showcases to demonstrate the efficiency and performance of the machines. Find out in a presentation at our booth, how DEEP/-ER enable HPC applications for Exascale and hear about first performance results.
  • Hardware development: At this year’s conference, we proudly present original hardware from the final DEEP prototype system. Furthermore, you can familiarise yourself with the more experimental research done in DEEP-ER regarding innovative memory technologies: We have a hybrid memory cube controller onsite and attendees are welcome to try out and experiment with a live demo.

Where to find us @ ISC’15:

Visit us at booth #634

  • Booth #634 European Exascale Projects – DEEP/-ER shares the booth with their partner projects EPiGRAM, EXA2CT, Mont-Blanc and Numexas.
  • Partner booths: For in-depths discussions on the various project aspects, a visit to our partners’ booths might be worthwhile. BSC (#1202), Extoll (#610), Fraunhofer ITWM (#640), Intel (#930), Seagate (#740). Jülich and Leibniz Supercomputing Centre will be co-exhibiting at the GAUSS booth (#1310).

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt, Germany this summer!

For general information on ISC’15 please see here: